CLEAVER-BROOKS is a complete boiler room solutions provider that helps businesses run better every day. It develops hot water and steam generation products aimed at integrating and optimizing the total boiler/burner/controls/stack exhaust system to maximize energy efficiency and reliability while minimizing emissions.

CLEAVER-BROOKS Packaged Boiler Systems produces fully integrated, high-performance systems ranging from 10 horsepower to more than 2,200 horsepower.

CLEAVER-BROOKS Packaged Burner Systems manufactures a comprehensive line of high-efficiency, low and ultra-low-emissions products under the ProFire® brand.

CLEAVER-BROOKS Engineered Boiler Systems manufactures the widest range of Nebraska-engineered, industrial watertube boilers (10,000 – 1,000,000 lb/hr.) and pioneered the world’s highest-efficiency, ultra-low emissions burners. Cleaver-Brooks Natcom burner technology meets the strictest NOx, CO, VOC and particulate emissions requirements for gas or oil systems.

CLEAVER-BROOKS Exhaust Solutions manufactures a complete line of exhaust gas products (breeching and stacks) to fit CLEAVER-BROOKS broad range of engineered and packaged boilers.


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Standard Product Line

  • Boilers
  • Burners
  • Controls
  • Heat Recovery
  • Water Systems
  • Exhaust Solutions
  • Parts & Service

CLEAVER-BROOKS Representative Association is comprised of an alliance of sales and service organizations throughout the world who are firmly dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality products, parts & service, technical support and the necessary training to keep the various boiler environments safe, reliable and efficiently run.

CLEAVER-BROOKS Facility in Thomasville, GA

AXI Service TechnicianAXI INTERNATIONAL is an innovative company in the field of diesel fuel treatment. The headquarters and manufacturing facilities are based in Florida, USA with an extensive global distribution network that operates in over 70 countries.

At AXI INTERNATIONAL, we clean, restore, and maintain  fuel wherever  it is used or stored, while making   engines  more   reliable  and   efficient, providing peace of mind for our customers, and ensuring a cleaner world for future generations.

Much of the world runs on diesel fuel. Diesel is notoriously dirty, with a shelf life of approximately 6 months. From the moment the fuel leaves the refinery, it becomes compromised through the natural formation of sludge, condensation, and other types of degradation. When you put compromised fuel into your engine, the result is excessive wear on parts, harmful emissions, and ultimately engine stoppage. Over time, these results will mean less reliable engines and higher, more frequent maintenance costs. AXI INTERNATIONAL engineers and manufactures products and services designed and tailored to optimize diesel fuel integrity and eliminate fuel-related engine problems. If the world’s old diesel engines ran on cleaner diesel fuel, the results are improved combustion, enhanced engine reliability, reduced emissions, and lower maintenance costs. For operators and mission-critical facilities around the world, this means maximum uptime, effective risk management, and peace of mind.

Wessel van TonderWessel van Tonder (CEO, AXI INTERNATIONAL) has an expansive knowledge of International business management with a market focus on global fuel economics. He specializes in multi-corporate financial developments. Wessel’s current vision is geared towards environmental betterment, fuel optimization technologies, and innovative clean fuel engineering.

He acquired AXI INTERNATIONAL in February of 2012 and currently serves as the company’s CEO. Wessel received a B.A. in International Finance from University of Cape Town and an M.B.A. in International Business, also from University of Cape Town.


AXI International
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Our promise to you is that the AXI solution will eliminate fuel-related problems and ensure optimal fuel at all times wherever it is used or stored, resulting in:

  • Improved combustion
  • Enhanced engine reliability
  • Reduced emissions
  • Lower maintenance costs
  • Maximum uptime
  • Effective risk management
  • Peace of mind


AXI International Corporate Office
AXI INTERNATIONAL Corporate Office in Fort Myers, Florida




Mass Tank PlantMASS TANK Sales Corporation serves the carbon and stainless steel tank industry around the world. Their steel tanks range from single wall tanks to large complex field erected projects.

The engineers at MASS TANK are forward thinkers in the storage tank industry. Their approach to tank design is both innovative and analytical, while respectful of budgets and economic factors.

MASS TANK builds and stamps pressure vessels to ASME sec VIII, API, UL-142 & 2085 standards.

MASS TANK'S experience in working with MPN Boilers, the customer, local authorities and site owners enables them to have minimal conflict and disturbance on site. Whether MASS TANK is repairing a tank, replacing a fuel tank in a confined space, or testing and certifying an existing tank, their professionalism, experience and high quality work has pleased many customers.

MASS TANK has the ability to test using vacuum, hydro, pneumatic, spark, pressure and other methods to ensure compliance standards are met.

MASS TANK Inspection provides the highest qualified and fully certified NDT inspectors in the industry to fulfil its clients’ individual inspections.

MASS TANK'S customer service representatives and engineers work alongside Miler Proctor Nickolas, Inc. & their customers to provide leadership and guidance from a project’s inception to well beyond installation. This longstanding commitment to quality and service has made MASS TANK an international industry leader in tank manufacturing.

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MASS TANK Builds Tanks

  • Aboveground and Below Ground
  • Shop & Field Erected
  • New York City Approved
  • Atmospheric and Pressure
  • Horizontal and Vertical
  • Cylindrical and Rectangular
  • Internal and External Coatings
  • Carbon and Stainless Steel
  • Specialty Tanks
  • Up to Thirty year Warranty

MASS TANK Inspection Services

  • API 653, API 510, API 570, SP001-06, AWWA, ASME Risk Based Assessments
  • Mechanical Integrity Assessments for compliance with Process Safety
  • Management (OSHA PSM) and Risk Management Plan (EPA RMP).
  • Spill Prevention, Control & Countermeasures Plan tank inspection compliance.
  • Third Party Underground Storage Tank Inspections.
  • Annual Valid Use Permit Inspections for tanks over 10,000 gallons

MASS TANK Warehouse in Action


Since 1946, BFS Industries, LLC has been a leading source of boiler room and fuel system products, instrumentation, equipment, and supplies in the United States.

The fuel oil market in North America has evolved over the last decade. These changes have created a new market that the industry has dubbed “mission critical”, and this new market requires a different approach to fuel system design and equipment selection.

In recognition of these market needs, BFS Industries has invested in building a new division dedicated to serving this new industry. In 2009 BFS created “CRITICAL FUEL SYSTEMS” which is dedicated to serving the needs of the mission critical fuel market.


In addition to their complete line of fuel system components and accessories, they are renowned for having exceptional customer service and technical support. Customers can rely on MPN Boilers and CFS’s team of engineers to assist them in designing a fuel system and selecting the right equipment to meet their needs.


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Standard Product Line

  • Diesel pumping systems
  • Single and double wall day tank systems
  • Fuel maintenance and treatment systems
  • Above ground main fuel storage tanks
  • Fuel system accessories Integrated PLC based control systems

This custom pump and heater set is designed for a flow of
10,000gph of #6 oil with a steam turbine driven pump.

Long Island Office

  • Address: 1363 Lincoln Avenue, Unit 3, Holbrook, NY 11741
  • Tel: +(631) 253-2300
  • Fax: +(631) 253-0166

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