Suffolk County ME Office

Project Type:  Boiler Replacement

Year Completed:  2012

History:  The Medical Examiners Building, a three story structure, is located in North County Complex in Hauppauge, New York. This building receives its heating & cooling service from units that are shared with the District Attorney's Building. The combined square footage of the two buildings is 156,101 square feet. These buildings house over 200 employees that investigate about 4500 deaths a year providing critical service to the county.

Before the upgrades to the heating & cooling systems were made, the buildings were heated by three HB Smith Cast Iron Section Low Pressure Steam Boilers. This outdated 30 million BTU/hour boiler plant, which was original to the 1986 construction, was vastly too large for the buildings that it was serving. Also, these antiquated boilers needed to have their sections frequently replaced causing additional expense.

Scope:  The Suffolk County Department of Public works selected to replace the existing Cast Iron Sectional Boilers with three (3) Cleaver-Brooks ClearFire®-H 60 HP Low Pressure Steam, Scotch Marine boilers.  The Cleaver-Brooks boilers were selected due to their high efficiency and their ability to be rigged into the boiler room through a narrow 5' wide access way.

Outcome:  The new ClearFire® Boilers operate with a fuel to steam efficiency of approximately 86%, much greater than the previous boilers.  During the coldest temperatures of the winter heating season, two out of the three boilers are required to heat the building.  Thanks to the 5:1 turndown capabilities of each boiler, one boiler generally stays on at all times thereby greatly reducing energy consuming cycling losses.  During the summer time, the boilers are shut down and domestic hot water is provided by a dedicated domestic hot water heater and a heat exchanger located on the new microturbine.

As mentioned before, the older boilers were out of date and becoming increasingly less practical to operate. The new boilers that were installed are 2,008,500 Btu/hour Cleaver-Brooks ClearFire®-H Boilers that run at 86% efficiency, a massive improvement over the old boilers.

In Photo:   Brian Darwell - Building Maintenance Manager

Customer Statement:
“”Thanks to the upgrade, the building witnessed a 40% reduction in energy costs during the first heating season.  In addition to this reduction in energy costs, Suffolk County received a rebate from National Grid in the amount of $20,761.00."   >   Brian Darwell – Suffolk County Department of Public Works

Arrow Linen

Project Type:   Control System Upgrade – High Pressure Steam Boiler

Year Completed:  2011


Established in Brooklyn in 1947, Arrow Linen is one of New York’s premiere linen supply companies serving the five boroughs and all the surrounding areas including lower parts of Connecticut.  Family owned since inception, Arrow Linen strives to always use state of the art technology to increase volume, enhance quality control standards and to provide for energy savings.  At the heart of the operation is a lone 500 HP Cleaver Brooks High Pressure Steam Boiler installed in 1994.  Reliability of this boiler is critical as without the high pressure steam, laundry operations come to a stop.


As part of Arrow Linen's initiatives for increased energy savings and enhance reliability, Arrow Linen's Chief Engineer, Frank Park, contacted MPN to provide equipment and services to upgrade the boiler control system to a HAWK ICS Advanced Control System with Oxygen Trim and Variable Speed Drive control of the Combustion Air Fan.  Although straightforward work for MPN, this project presented a Unique challenge.  Since the boiler is the only source of steam for the facility, all conversion work had to be performed over a weekend following shutdown of production on Saturday afternoon and be back in service on Monday morning at 4:00 am.

Thru close coordination with Arrow Linen, MPN provided as much pre-outage work as possible and began control conversion work on a Saturday afternoon.  By Monday morning, the boiler was back online producing steam using the HAWK ICS control system.


With the installation of the new control system, Arrow Linen was able to receive a rebate in the amount of $74,813.00  from National Grid.  In addition, the control system now provides more reliable service, significant energy savings and reduced wear and tear thanks primarily to the Variable Speed Drive on the Combustion Air Fan.  Boiler cleanings are now easier due to cleaner combustion control throughout the firing range of the boiler.


Thanks in part to the success of this project and long standing relationship with MPN and Cleaver-Brooks, Arrow Linen has selected Cleaver Brooks equipment for their new state of the art production facility to be located in Garden City, New York.

In photograph - left to right:  John Anthony Magliocco (Arrow Linen, President), Ian Rowburrey(VP Sales, Miller Proctor Nickolas, Inc.), Frank H. Park (Arrow Linen, Chief Engineer)


Customer Statement:
By installing the Cleaver Brooks HAWK ICS upgrade, Arrow Linen received a rebate from National Grid in the amount of $74,813.00 and significantly reduced our fuel consumption.  Resulting ROI was approximately 1.5 years” – Frank Park – Chief Engineer – Arrow Linen

Mather Hospital

Project Type:      Fuel Conversion / Control System Upgrade


Year Completed:    2012

Central Heating Plant Consisted of Two 1971 350 HP Cleaver Brooks 4 Pass Dryback Low Pressure Steam boilers burning No. 4 Fuel Oil.  Due to rising fuel oil costs and the desire to lower its carbon footprint and to be more green overall, Mather Hospital contacted National Grid to bring Natural Gas to the building.  Replacement of the boilers was not possible due to boiler room being located in the central part of the building with no access with exception for standard door and hallways.  Fortunately, the maintenance staff at Mather Hospital had done an excellent job maintaining the boilers allowing them to be upgraded to burn Natural Gas.

MPN provided High Turndown Dual Fuel (Natural Gas / Number 2 Fuel Oil) Burner Assemblies, Ventless Gas Trains.  In addition, MPN provided Cleaver Brooks HAWK ICS 4000 Control Systems configured for Parallel Positioning Combustion Control with Oxygen Trim and Variable Speed Drive on the Combustion Air Fan.  In addition, MPN provided a Cleaver Brooks HAWK ICS BacNet Communication Panel to connect the new boiler control systems to the Hospitals Building Automation System.  The hospital was provided with updated factory wiring diagrams completely referencing the original boiler serial numbers.

Upon completion of the Upgrade, Mather Hospital received a rebate in the amount of $51,593.00 from National Grid.  The hospital primarily uses Natural Gas as its primary fuel source, however number 2 Fuel oil is available as a back-up.  Although the boilers are over 40 years old, combustion efficiencies while operating on Natural Gas are in excess of 85% thanks to the Cleaver Brooks HAWK ICS Combustion Control Systems.  

Customer Statement:
John T. Mather Memorial Hospital’s construction management office along with Miller Proctor Nickolas was instrumental for the seamless transition of this retrofit project.  The first boiler was completed and commissioned before work for the second boiler began.  The project (which included a new fuel oil pump station as well) was completed prior to the start of the full winter heating load season.  The tie-in with the hospital’s BMS allows the operators to monitor and manage the boilers and the overall heating plant at its highest possible efficiency.  This now helps the hospital to achieve substantial fuel cost savings while being environmentally friendly.


In photograph - left to right:  Ronald Albanesi - Mechanical Engineer, Stuart Fisher - Director of Engineering



2 Gold Street

Project Type: Hurricane Sandy Recovery

Year Completed: 2013

Built in 2005, 2 Gold Street is a 51 Story, Luxury Apartment Building located in the financial district
of New York City. Owned and operated by TF Cornerstone, 2 Gold Street is the epitome of luxury and comfort with a heated glass enclosed lap pool, roof top deck with grass lawn and a rooftop solarium with gas fire place, wet bar and catering kitchen. Providing low pressure steam heat to the building and to the domestic hot water heaters are a pair of 500 HP Cleaver Brooks Scotch Marine, 4 Pass, Low Pressure Steam Boilers.

On October 30, 2012 flood waters created by the storm surge associated with Hurricane Sandy entered the building, flooding the lobby and the basements below. The boilers, located in the sub-basement of the build ing became completely submerged. 


Tube Cleaning Process                                     Factory Reinsulation                                        Front Head Work Under Way

Immediately following the storm, TF Cornerstone contacted MPN to evaluate the condition of the b
oilers and to provide recommendations to return the equipment to service. Partially based on these recommendations, TF Cornerstone established an aggressive schedule to restore heat and utilities to the building. Working closely with Cleaver-Brooks, MPN provided the necessary field service labor and materials to completely remove all damaged components including boiler insulation, electrical components and control panels. The boilers were completely cleaned and hydrostatically tested to ensure pressure vessel integrity. Cleaver-Brooks factory personnel were dispatched to install new insulation. Each Boiler received a new high turndown burner and HAWK ICS Control Components to achieve the highest possible operating efficiency for the building. Upon completion of the recovery work, each boiler underwent a complete start-up and commis
sioning by MPN personnel.

Notice to proceed with the boiler repairs was provided on November 24, 2012. The first boiler w
as back on line January xx, 2013. This fast turnaround was made possible through MPN's close coordination with TF Cornerstone, their Mechanical Contractor and Cleaver-Brooks. Today, the boilers are operating more efficiently than before thanks to the HAWK ICS Advance Control Packages and to the High Turndown Burners. The High Turndown burners contribute significantly to energy savings due to their ability to reduce boiler cycling and keep the boilers on line even during extreme low load conditions.

In picture: Derrick Komorowski - Building Manager

Customer Statement:
"Through extremelly challenging conditions following the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, MPN and CIeaver-Brooks delivered operational boilers back to 2 Gold Street on time and in line with the high standards expected by TF Cornerstone Properties. From the rehabilitation kick-off to the final operator training, MPN's staff provided a level of dedication and support that would assure a successful outcome."> Frank Vasta Executive VP - TF Cornerstone

Midway Jewish Center

Project Type – Boiler Replacement – Hot Water

Year Completed - 2012

Located in Syosset, NY, the Midway Jewish Center has always prided itself as being a closely-knit Jewish community focused on communicating Jewish values from generation to generation.  Starting in 2003, the center went through major renovations that were finally completed in 2012.  As part of these renovations, the HVAC system underwent a complete upgrade to bring the building up to date and to dramatically reduce energy costs.  

The Midway Jewish Center selected SavMor Mechanical of Ronkonkoma, NY to provide design build services for the HVAC System.  Due to tight space constraints and difficult rigging path, SavMor Mechanical Selected two (2) Cleaver-Brooks ClearFire®-C -500 Condensing hot water boilers to replace the existing 1960's vintage ribbon style boiler.  In addition to providing the boilers to SavMor Mechanical, MPN provided the Category IV flue venting materials.


The new ClearFire® Boilers operate with virtually no maintenance requirements and have been trouble free since start-up was completed.  The boilers operate in a condensing mode during warmer ambient conditions and as a result significant energy savings have been achieved.

Customer Statement:
As an installer that focuses on service and reliability the ClearFire® Boiler is exactly that, a very stable boiler that allows you to modulate the efficiency for your customer to gain the most energy savings. We matched these boilers with a Trane Tracer SC web based BMS and the customer couldn’t be more satisfied” – Craig Schiavone - Project Manager – SavMor Mechanical

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